Interview – Tony Spredeman

Tony Spredeman is widely considered the best foosball player on Tornado nowadays and in the multitable format he certainly is one of the strongest players in the world as well. His five bar series is not only unique in the world of foosball, it also seems almost unfairly unstoppable on regular basis. The intensity, focus and heart he brings to the table could be an inspiration to almost everyone. He loves the game more than anything and his passion for foosball is seriously infectious while being around him. But despite his numerous victories over the past years he still is humble, polite, down to earth and takes a lot of time to help younger players improve their game. Therefore, I am more than happy, that I got an interview with him. „Interview – Tony Spredeman“ weiterlesen

Interview – Max Hoyer

Heute habe ich mit Max Hoyer einen deutschen Topspieler für euch am Start. Als ich zum ersten mal auf die Idee mit den Interviews kam, war sein Name einer der ersten, die ich mir auf die Liste geschrieben habe. Daher freut es mich besonders, dass er sich bereit erklärt, seine Ansichten mit uns zu teilen.

Max ist wohl einer der analytischsten Tischfußballer, die ich kenne. Diese Fähigkeit gepaart mit seiner Ruhe und Konzentration in schwierigen Situationen, haben ihn zu einem der besten deutschen Kickerspieler in den vergangenen Jahren gemacht. „Interview – Max Hoyer“ weiterlesen

Interview Terry Rue

Terry Rue is one of the friendliest and most openhearted foosball players I have ever met. When you walk up to him you instantly feel appreciated and accepted and he has a remarkably positive aura. At the same time, he is just a brilliant and fair player at the table. His ballhandling skills and trickshot aresenal are amazing. His determination almost lets you feel the intensity and the passion he brings to the game. Just watching him is quite an inspiration for you own attitude toward the game of foosball. That is why I feel highly honored to get an interview from him! „Interview Terry Rue“ weiterlesen

Interview – Billy Pappas

Billy Pappas is without a doubt one of the most talented foosball players of the planet. He just won the National Team Event at the World Cup 2017 in Hamburg, which was once again proof of his outstanding capabilities. It seems like he can do everything on a table. „Interview – Billy Pappas“ weiterlesen